2nd Workshop on Eye Gaze in Intelligent Human Machine Interaction

Accepted Papers

1. How Eye Gaze Feedback Changes Parent-child Joint Attention in Shared Storybook Reading? An Eye-tracking Intervention Study
Jia Guo and Gary Feng
2. Predicting Problem-Solving Behavior and Performance Levels from Visual Attention Data
Shahram Eivazi and Roman Bednarik
3. Gaze and Conversation Domination in Multiparty Interaction
Yuki Fukuhara and Yukiko Nakano
4. Influence of user’s mental model on natural gaze behavior during human-computer interaction
Thomas Bader and Jürgen Beyerer
5. Awareness of Partner's Eye Gaze in Situated Referential Grounding: An Empirical Study
Changsong Liu, Dianna L. Kay, and Joyce Y. Chai
6. Combining Multiple Types of Eye-gaze Information to Predict User’s Conversational Engagement
Ryo Ishii, Yuta Shinohara, Yukiko Nakano, and Toyoaki Nishida
7. Model-Based Eye-Tracking Method for Low-Resolution Eye-Images
Takashi Fukuda, Kosuke Morimoto, and Hayato Yamana
8. Simulated Crowd: Towards a Synthetic Culture for Engaging a Learner in Culture-dependent Nonverbal Interaction
Sutasinee Thovuttikul, Divesh Lala, Hiroki Ohashi, Shogo Okada, Yoshimasa Ohmoto, and Toyoaki Nishida
9. Evaluation of Simulated Visual Impairment
Margarita Vinnikov and Robert S. Allison
10. Investigations of the Role of Gaze in Mixed-Reality Personal Computing
Thomas Pederson, Dan Witzner Hansen, and Diako Mardanbegi
11. Emotional Text Tagging
Farida Ismail, Ralf Biedert, Andreas Dengel, and Georg Buscher
12. The eyePad - Tom Riddle in the 21st Century
Mostafa El Hosseiny, Ralf Biedert, Andreas Dengel, and Georg Buscher
13. Challenges and limits of gaze-including interaction
Sandra Trösterer and Jeronimo Dzaack
14. Automated Analysis of Mutual Gaze in Human Conversational Pairs
Frank Broz, Hagen Lehmann, Chrystopher L. Nehaniv, and Kerstin Dautenhahn
15. The Role of Eye Tracking in Adaptive Information Visualization
Anna Flag, Mona Haraty, Guiseppe Carenini, and Cristina Conati