The workshop will take place at Sheraton, Maple Room.

2nd Workshop on Eye Gaze in Intelligent Human Machine Interaction
Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, USA
February 13, 2011

In interactive systems, eye-gaze and attentional information have great potential in improving the communication between the user and the systems. For instance, by combining with situational and linguistic information, user's focus of attention is useful in interpreting the user's intentions. Eye-gaze also serves as a nonverbal signal in mediated communication using avatars as well as during interaction with humanoid autonomous agents. Moreover, recent studies have shown that eye gaze can be measured using brain activities, and such eye-tracking technologies provide new opportunities to design novel attention-based intelligent user interfaces.

The first eye-gaze workshop held at IUI 2010 covered various research issues concerning eye-gaze: eye-tracking technologies, analyses of human eye-gaze behaviors, multimodal interpretation, user interfaces using an eye-tracker, and presenting gaze behaviors in humanoid interfaces. This year's workshop aims to continue exploring this important topic by bringing together researchers including human sensing, intelligent user interface, multimodal processing, and communication science, with the long term goal of establishing a strong interdisciplinary research community in "attention aware interactive systems".

Topics of interest